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Proven immersion cooling and power under 3.5 cents/kw

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Bitcoin Mining in the Permian Basin

We have partnerships and knowledge to deploy Bitcoin mining operations at significant advantage in West Texas.

Midstream gas

No single point of failure, none of the issues associated with managing your own gas wells, and no huge contracts to sign with the grid. We believe Midstream is an untapped opportunity.

Gas producing wells

Access super-cheap natural gas in remote locations by colocating Bitcoin mining next to the source.

Grid connected

Sell electricity back to the grid during peak hours when profitability exceeds mining.

Bitcoin mining de-risked

Our solution mitigates CapEx and OpEx risks compared to other mining farm approaches.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring Bitcoin mining to Texas in a BIG way by enabling competitive mining operations in the Permian Basin.

Our Plan

Oil drillers are flaring excess natural gas. By collocating Bitcoin mining infrastructure near these rigs or with midstream providers, we will reduce the electricity cost of mining while also reducing polution.

Our Vision

Bitcoin mining is pushing electricity consumption closer to power sources, soaking up excess electric grid capacity and encouraging the further development of cleaner energy.

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If you have a Bitcoin mining operation, and would be open to moving to West Texas, we want to speak with you today.

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We have partners spanning natural gas and Bitcoin mining

Feasibility Studies

Our team has already developed the models needed to assess the feasibility of Bitcoin mining operations utilizing natural gas.

Site Development

We have deep connections in the oil and gas industry and can contract out your mining site build for you.

Mining Facility Operation

Our team of engineers have the knowledge to keep your mining operation ticking around the clock.

Offtake Agreements

Sell your stranded or flared gas to us. We will colocate mining infrastructure on your site and turn your "trash" into treasure.



Deep experience in Bitcoin and Oil/Gas industries...

Jose A. Ortega

Chief Executive Officer

10+ years in oil and gas in Texas. Jose has worked with Schlumberger, ConocoPhillips, and many other heavy hitters in energy. He implemented early stage research and development on new and sustainable water recycling technologies for water reuse at oil fields. He is now working to bring another optimization to the energy sector, Bitcoin mining.

Zachary Fort

Chief Operating Officer

Texas A&M Petroleum Engineering degree. Zachary specializes in combining tried and true methods with modern workflows and technologies as seen in his work at Apache Corporation where he implemented novel drilling techniques and new full field development methods to dramatically increase efficiency.

Robert Allen

Chief Technical Officer

Bitcoiner since 2014. Robert mined Bitcoin with the Butterfly Labs "Little Single" in 2015 and went on to found a software startup. He has deep knowledge of the Bitcoin protocol and has written software which interfaces with the technology. He is also a producer of the hit animated series "Bitcoin & Friends".

John Michael Baroon, II

VP Business Development

BS, University of Texas 2010. John worked at Weatherford International and ConocoPhillips as an engineer and ultimately project supervisor. More recently at Maestro Provisions, LLC he has contributed as a consultant in energy and water management as well a project superintendent for multiple Permian Basin operators, one of which received a valuation of $950MM.

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